In the various European countries, debates on the transformation of administrative law are held from a national perspective and with different intensity. Given the considerable effects such discussion may have on the methods of administrative legal scholarship, an analysis of these developments in a European context promises valuable results.

For this purpose, a long term transnational exchange of ideas between administrative law scholars from England, France and Germany has been initiated in Dornburg castle, near Jena, Germany. In 2007, scholars from Italy and Spain have joined the group, and in addition a member each of the Netherlands and Sweden.



Name, Given name University
Dr. Boyron, Sophie University of Birmingham
Prof. Dr. Caillosse, Jacques University Panthéon-Assas
Prof. Dr. della Cananea, Giacinto University of Naples
Prof. Dr. Caranta, Roberto University of Turin
Prof. Dr. Chrétien, Patrice University of Cergy-Pontoise
Prof. Dr. Craig, Paul St. John's College
Dr. Donelly, Catherine Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Dr. Edelstam, Gunilla University of Södertörn (Stockholm)
Prof. Galetta, Diana-Urania University of Milan
Prof. Dr. Gonod, Pascal University of Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne
Dr. Gromitsaris, Athanasios University of Jena
Prof. Dr. Hoffmann-Riem, Wolfgang University of Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Horspool, Margot British Institute of International and Comparative Law
Prof. Dr. Jowell, Jeffrey University College London
Prof. Dr. Oliver, Dawn University College London
Prof. Dr. Petit, Jacques University Panthéon-Assas
Prof. Dr. Ponce Sole, Juli University of Barcelona
Prof. Dr. Ruffert, Matthias Humboldt University of Berlin
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Schmidt-Aßmann, Eberhard University of Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. Schneider, Jens-Peter University of Freiburg
Prof. Dr. de la Sierra, Susana University Castilla-La Mancha
Prof. Dr. Le Sueur, Andrew Queen Mary College London
Prof. Dr. Velasco Caballero, Francisco Autonomous University of Madrid
Prof. Dr. Voßkuhle, Andreas University of Freiburg



  The Transformation of Administrative Law in Europe - A Transnational Methodological Perspective of Reform/La mutation du droit administratif en Europe - Une perspective transnationale et méthodologique de réforme
  The Public-Private Law Divide: Potential for Transformation?
  Legitimacy in European Administrative Law: Reform and Reconstruction
  Administrative Law in Europe: Between Common Principles and National Traditions


Financial Support

Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung and
Hohbühl-Stiftung and
Jean Monnet Chair programme (supported the Dornburg Research Group Meeting on 10-12 May 2012



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