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Courses taught in winter semester 2020/2021

  • Preparatory Course for the State Exam (Examensrepetitorium)

    In this part of the course we deal with general administrative law and administrative procedural law. In each course, two case studies are discussed. Given the current restrictions due to the Corona pandemic, the course will be held via Zoom. Accompanying educational videos and reading recommendations will be available at Moodle. The course is taught in German.


Jun. Prof. Dr. Anika Klafki is committed in many ways to supplementing legal teaching with digital formats.

Blended Learning

Lectures with a high number of participants make it difficult to match the individual level of knowledge of the students. Therefore, such lectures are supplemented by short video units for preparation, which are then referred to in the presence lecture.

The following videos were provided as part of the course 'Übung für Fortgeschrittene":

The videos of the lecture 'Öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht II' (Public Commercial Law II) can be found here (DE)External link.

Recently, h5p, a new software was implemented at the University of Jena, which can be used to create interactive teaching content. In the future, the materials accompanying the lectures of Jun. Prof. Dr. Anika Klafki will be supplemented by interactive elements. An interactive case study can be found here (DE)External link.


The Internet creates decentralized learning spaces for students. At the same time, it lowers the threshold for preparing accessible legal content for the public. Under academic supervision, students can create freely available learning materials (so-called open educational resources) in courses taught by Jun. Prof. Dr. Anika Klafki. By explaining the law to others, students also deepen their own knowledge in the respective subject area.


Logo des Podcasts fLAWless
Logo des Podcasts fLAWless
Image: Anika Klafki

fLAWless - A Podcast from students for students

The episodes of the student podcast 'fLAWless' can be accessed on the Digital Library ThuringaExternal link, Apple PodcastExternal link and SpotifyExternal link.

5. Edisode: Kopftuchurteil Rechtsreferendarin (Art. 4 GG)External link (Alessa Stache/Johannes Werner) (DE)External link

4. Episode: NC-Urteil Humanmedizin (Art. 12 GG) (Daniel Baatzsch/Michelle Günther) (DE)External link

3. External linkEpisodeExternal link: ACAB-Entscheidung (Art. 5 I 1 GG) (Maximilian Hubensteiner/Robert Carmon) (DE)External link

2. External linkEpisodeExternal link: Fixierungsentscheidung (Art. 2 II 2, Art. 104 GG) (Helene Langbein/Tanja Volkenand) (DE)External link

1. External linkEpisodeExternal link: Stadionverbotsentscheidung (Art. 3 I GG) (Anika Klafki/Alessa Stache) (DE)External link


In 2018, Jun. Prof. Dr. Anika Klafki, together with Dr. Gabriele Buchholtz, accompanied students at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg in the production of teaching videos on general administrative law. The student generated interactive videos, which were created during the course 'Peer2Peer Teaching Videos - General Administrative Law', can be assessed here (DE)External link.