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Students on campus
Office of Student Affairs

Office hours:
In the office:
Di. & Do. 10:30 - 12:00 Uhr

by phone:
Mi. 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Advising as a video meeting:
If you are interested, please contact the student advisor in advance by e-mail. You will then receive an appointment and the access data for the Zoom meeting.

  1. Alexander, Christian, Univ.-Prof. Dr Dean of Student Affairs Dekanat der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät
    Christian Alexander
    Image: Photogenika (, München
  2. Fischer, Christiane Head of Studies and Teaching Dekanat der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät
    Christiane Fischer
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
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Important information regarding procedures & reforms

Our consulting services

  • Change of university

    Students who have already studied at a different higher education institution can apply for their academic credits to be transferred.

    Law (First State Examination)


    Please apply for the recognition and transfer of previous academic credits using the application form here [pdf, 133 kb] depdf, 133 kb · de.

    Required documents

    The following documents must be submitted with the application form as original copies:

    • transcript of records
    • module descriptions (for non-modularised programmes: proof of the content of the courses attended issued by the university)
    • enrolment certificates from previous periods of study
    • certificate of good standing from the examination office

    General information

    Please note that you should submit your application to transfer credits as soon as you have applied to enrol, as the enrolment process can only be completed when you have submitted your credit transferral notification to the student service center.

    If you have any questions regarding the transferral of your previous academic credits, you are welcome to seek advice from the student advisory service at the Law Faculty.

    Law (minor - Bachelor of Arts)

    Authority to transfer academic credits

    Decisions regarding the transferral of academic credits for the law minor (B.A.) are made exclusively by the Academic Study and Examination Office (ASPA de de) of the University of Jena.

    Economics/Law (teacher training for grammar school teachers)

    Authority for the transferral of academic credits

    If you have any questions regarding the transferral of academic credits for the course “Economics/Law", please exclusively contact the examination office and the student advisory service of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Jena.

    Postgraduate course “Private and Public Commercial Law” (LL.M. oec)


    The study and examination board of the postgraduate program (§ 5, section 3 Magister Examination Regulations) is solely responsible for deciding whether academic credits can be transferred.


    Please submit your informal application for transferral to the Head of Studies and Teaching at the Faculty of Law, attaching supporting documents.

  • Change of subject and degree
  • FAQs on the Faculty's degree programmes
  • Transcript of Records

    A transcript of records documents the academic credits obtained during a university course (or parts thereof) at the Law Faculty of the University of Jena.

    Where can you get a Transcript of Records?

    An (informal) application must be made for a transcript of records. Please contact the Dean of Studies (email:

    Please note that a transcript of records only contains academic credits that were completed at the Law Faculty of the University of Jena.

    Which documents must be submitted to the Dean's office?

    In order to for your transcript of records to be issued, please submit the following documents in their original form:

    • your study book,
    • all course certificates (such as coursework certificates),
    • enrolment certificates starting with the first enrolment at FSU Jena up to the time of applying for the transcript.

    How many copies will I receive?

    When applying for your transcript of records, please state the number of copies you require.

    General information

    Please note that issuing a transcript of records takes some time. We therefore recommend that you  apply for your transcript in good time before a planned stay abroad where application deadlines may apply.

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    Sample study plans & module catalogues

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Please direct inquiries about internships exclusively to the Thüringer Justizprüfungsamt in Erfurt (JPA).