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Research seminar:     
Together on Earth: International Law in an Interconnected World
Professor Dr. Dana Schmalz, LL.M.
Introductory meeting Wed., 20 October, 3 pm
Dates of the seminar

Wed., 24 February 2022, 3pm – 6.30 pm
Thurs., 25 February 2022, 9am – 12.30 pm 

The goal of the seminar is to explore how international law is faced with an ever more interconnected world, be it in the causes and consequences of climate change, the phenomena of migration, or the pandemic. While international law has traditionally been viewed as a thin layer of norms enabling inter-state coordination and cooperation, the number of international institutions and the amount of international law-making increases continuously. The seminar will offer a space to reflect about those changes, their meaning for international law, questions of legitimacy, and the possibilities of tacking global challenges through the medium of international law.

Some cross-cutting readings will be obligatory for all and will be distributed at the introductory meeting on 20 October. The seminar will take place on 24 and 25 February, with 4 blocks of 1.5 hours, and a maximum of 3 presentations in each block. The four blocks will be dedicated to

1) contemporary theories of international law,
2) climate change,
3) migration and
4) the pandemic.

The seminar will be held in English. Registrations can be made via mail at

Inquiries about dates, topics, organizational questions can be made in German or English. Please reach out to me at

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