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Quantum Technology Law - a Perspective from Berkeley

Vortrag von Prof. Chris Jay Hoofnagle (University of California)
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Since the dawn of the atomic age, quantum technology has provided capabilities that seem strange, powerful, and at times frightening. Just as the atomic bomb (the first quantum weapon) changed our understanding of war, the democratization of quantum technology-based innovations will have disruptive effects. Law and Policy for the Quantum Age (Cambridge University Press, 2022) introduces three quantum technologies (sensing, computing, and communication) and explains how each could have strategic effects. What will quantum technologies mean for people? Are they “winner take all” technologies where one nation—and its industrial base—will be the anchor point for a revolution as powerful as the personal computer or the internet? Tomorrow’s likely developments in QIS will have consequences for how we will measure and sense the world, for how we will communicate, and for how computing will work. This book starts a dialogue anticipating their consequences and seeding a policy approach for the quantum age.

Chris Jay Hoofnagle is Professor of Law in Residence at the University of California, Berkeley, and faculty director of the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity. Hoofnagle teaches torts, Python programming, and cybersecurity in both the law and graduate schools. A longtime practitioner, Hoofnagle is an elected member of the American Law Institute, and of counsel to Gunderson Dettmer LLP.


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