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Lecturer in English Common Law
Dr. Stephen Swann
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Di. 16-17 Uhr
Mi. 12-13 Uhr

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Im Wintersemester 2019/20 biete ich folgende Lehrveranstaltungen an: 

Land Law

Do. 10 - 12 Uhr (SR 4119)
Do. 14 - 16 Uhr (SR 4119)

This module examines the framework and main building blocks of English property law as it relates to land. The first half of the course addresses the basic framework and apparatus of land law in England and Wales - the fundamental concepts, rules, and processes, which determine (i) what ‘land’ means as the subject-matter of a property right, (ii) what types of property right in land are recognized, (iii) how such rights are created and transferred, (iv) the forms of co-ownership, and (v) the relationship between competing rights in land (be it different types of property right or different claims to a right of the same type). The remainder of the course is devoted to a detailed consideration in turn of the main types of property right, such as those of tenants and secured lenders as well as the limited rights of use or control typically granted to neighbouring landowners. The module aims to foster critical analysis of legal development in this field in its historical and socio-economic context. There will be opportunity in revision sessions to assess understanding by applying the law to problem scenarios.

Recommended reading:

Judith-Anne MacKenzie/Aruna Nair, Textbook on Land Law, Oxford University Press (2018)

Students should also purchase a copy of a property law statute book, such as Meryl Thomas (ed.), Blackstone’s Statutes on Property Law 2019-2020, 27th edn, Oxford University Press (2019), which will also be essential for study on the Equity and Trusts module.

Criminal Law

Di. 8 - 10 Uhr (SR 306)
Di. 16 - 18 Uhr (SR 306)

This course studies the general principles of the criminal law of England and Wales and the specific substantive law for offences against the person and property which form its core. Beginning with a consideration of the purposes and procedural framework of the criminal law, initial lectures will focus on the fundamental concepts and general principles of liability. These will be illustrated and reviewed in particular by study of the law on homicide and other offences to the person. Study of the general principles of ‘basic’ criminal liability will conclude with a scrutiny of issues of capacity and defences. The second part of the lectures will consider in turn the law specific to other core offences ranging from sexual offences through criminal damage to theft, fraud and kindred offences of taking and dishonesty. In the final lectures the focus returns to the general part of the criminal law by considering ‘derivative’ criminal liability, namely liability based on initiation of, or involvement in, criminal activity as accessories or for inchoate offences. Lectures will highlight problems of theory and practice, exploring debates and difficulties arising from current law. Understanding will be supported by opportunities in revision to apply the law to problem scenarios.

Recommended reading:

Richard Card/Jill Molloy, Card, Cross & Jones: Criminal Law, 22nd edn, Oxford University Press (2016)

Students should also purchase a copy of a criminal law statute book, such as Matthew Dyson (ed.), Blackstone’s Statutes on Criminal Law 2019-2020, 29th edn, Oxford University Press (2019).

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