Private and Public Commercial

LL.M. oec

Our faculty has been offering the postgraduate program "Private and Public Commercial Law" since the winter semester 1998/1999. It has been excellently received by both students and practitioners.

This postgraduate course serves to deepen and broaden students' knowledge of private and public commercial law with a special focus on European and international implications in order to facilitate their transition into the professional world, as, for example, a commercial lawyer in a medium-sized or large international law firm or as a legal advisor or in-house counsel in a commercial enterprise or association. The course conveys practical skills and methodology in addition to academic knowledge. Practical relevance is assured by, among other things, numerous seminars taught by professionals and an eight-week internship in a company or a supra-regional commercial law firm. The breadth of the courses and the choice of supplementary subjects encourage students to determine their own priorities and to develop a basic understanding of commercial law.

Successful graduates are awarded the academic title "legum magistra/magister in oeconomics" (LL.M. oec.)

The programme comprises compulsory courses totalling 36 semester hours per week (SWS), namely

  • courses in the key areas of private and public commercial law,
  • in economics and
  • in various supplementary subjects.

At least two (compulsory) seminars must be attended in the course of the studies. Courses totalling at least 4 semester hours per week should cover an international or European law aspect.

The program is concluded with a Master's thesis.

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