Labour Law, Organisation and Human Resource Management


Besides the classic legal professions, lawyers with expertise in employment law often work in human resources departments of companies. However, companies always complain that lawyers lack the necessary business expertise to work in human resources after completing their classical legal training.

In an effort to mitigate this deficit and to increase Jena graduates' job prospects, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics have established a supplementary course that combines the areas of labour law, organization and human resources management.

This additional qualification is ideal for students specializing in labour law, as some of the courses within its scope are identical with those in the undergraduate specialism. This overlap enables some of the credits earned during their regular studies to count fully towards this certificate, meaning they only have the part on personnel management to complete. This can also be done during undergraduate law studies. However, it is recommended that this be done in the time between the final exams and the oral examination, or during the "break" after graduating before beginning the legal traineeship.


Information about the current courses offered can be found on the websites of the following chairs: Prof. Seifert, Prof. Fischer and Prof. Walgenbach de as well as in the course catalogue.

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