Teacher training for grammar school teachers
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Authority for the accreditation of academic credits
If you have any questions regarding the accreditation of academic credits for the course “Economics/Law", please contact the examination office and the student advisory service of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Jena.

The teacher training course “Economics/law” at the University of Jena is aimed exclusively at future grammar school teachers. This course is offered in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics.

It comprises three modules:

  • Law (40 credit points)
  • Economics (56 credit points)
  • Teaching methodology for economics and law (14 credit points)

The courses within the program provide students with access to selected bodies of knowlegde, fundamental theories and models, research approaches and methods within both law and economics. In grappling studying with the fundamental principles, history and typical phenomena of economic actors' business activities and the legal framework of these activities students broaden and deepen their understanding of the processes and results of economic activities in companies and society.

The pedagogical aim of the program is to enable students to prepare, carry out and evaluate lessons in economics and law by applying scientific methods. The choice, reasoning and justification of teaching objectives, subject-matter, methods and media as well as diagnostic methods for teaching economics and law will be discussed.

Further information on the structure and contents of the program.

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