Transcript of Records

Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

A transcript of records documents the academic credits obtained during a university course (or parts thereof) at the Law Faculty of the University of Jena.

Where can you get a Transcript of Records?

An (informal) application must be made for a transcript of records. Please contact the Dean of Studies (email:

Please note that a transcript of records only contains academic credits that were completed at the Law Faculty of the University of Jena.

Which documents must be submitted to the Dean's office?

In order to for your transcript of records to be issued, please submit the following documents in their original form:

  • your study book,
  • all course certificates (such as coursework certificates),
  • enrolment certificates starting with the first enrolment at FSU Jena up to the time of applying for the transcript.

How many copies will I receive?

When applying for your transcript of records, please state the number of copies you require.

General information

Please note that issuing a transcript of records takes some time. We therefore recommend that you  apply for your transcript in good time before a planned stay abroad where application deadlines may apply.

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