Encyclopedia of Private International Law: Auszeichnung durch die American Society of International Law!

Die weltweit größte Vereinigung auf dem Gebiet des Internationalen Rechts, die American Society of International Law (ASIL) hat beschlossen, die von Frau Professor Rühl (gemeinsam mit Jürgen Basedow, Franco Ferrari und Pedro de Miguel Ansensio) herausgegebene Encyclopedia of Private International Law mit dem "Certificate of Merit for High Technical Craftsmanship and Utility to Lawyers and Scholars" auszuzeichnen. Die Auszeichnung wird jährlich für Werke vergeben, die von herausragender Bedeutung für das Internationale Recht sind.

Aus der Begründung des Auswahlausschusses: 

"This is a mammoth (four volume) study published by Edward Elgar, with contributions from 195 authors representing 57 nations. As the editors suggest, private international law since World War II has “moved from the outskirts of the legal system to its centre.” However, neither legal education nor academic discourse has fully kept up with the developments. The purpose of the Encyclopedia is therefore to “improve the availability of information about private international law and to present the field from a global and comparative perspective.” The nearly 250 substantive entries (Volumes 1 and 2) and 80 national reports (Volume 3), both current to 2016, include sections by many of the world’s top scholars and practitioners of private international law. The consummate practicality of the work is emphasized by Volume 4, which contains a highly useful collection of legal instruments of private international law, and by the fact that the entire work is accessible at Elgaronline. While the focus may be European, the scope is global, reflecting the diversity of contributors and the trading nations in which they reside. Given the continuing expansion of the global economy through increased global trade, we believe the value and timeliness of this work to academics, international lawyers and others is difficult to over-state."

Die Preisverleihung findet im April in Washington im Rahmen der Jahresversammlung der Vereinigung statt, an der über 1000 Wissenschaftler aus der ganzen Welt teilnehmen.